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Local businesses need your business, now more than ever. That’s why we started Canada United — a movement that brings fellow Canadians together to show their support for local businesses.

So, shop and dine local anywhere in the country and join the movement to show local some love.


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RBC's Contribution to the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund
As of August 21, 2020

We’ve extended the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund. Apply today!

To date, we’ve received applications from over 1,000 small businesses to reimburse them for COVID-19 related expenses, such as purchases of PPE, physical space renovations and developing website and e-commerce capabilities.

And we’re not done yet! With another $12 million contributed by the Federal Government, we’re extending our relief fund and accepting more applications from small businesses across Canada.

As we award these grants, we’ll share some of the great stories on how businesses are putting their money to good use. And we can't wait to feature yours!

If you are a small Canadian business, learn more about the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund on the OCC website.

Don’t wait! Apply for a relief grant today.

Apply Now

AND now, a word from our supporters

Watch a few videos from the CEOs and leaders of our Canada United partners. Find out why they've chosen to join the movement to help small and local businesses.


Canada United started as an idea within RBC to help local economies and small businesses begin the recovery process away from this pandemic and economic downturn. We believed that giving small businesses a platform to say they’re open and ready for business, and creating a rallying cry to support local, would resonate with Canadians. And it did!
We got the word out! 
Percentage of Canadians we were able to reach on TV, online and on social with our message to shop and dine local
Impressions from Canadians, meaning many Canadians saw our message of support several times throughout this campaign
Number of stories in the media about Canada United, showing we were definitely addressing an issue worth covering
You showed your support! 
Number of times you watched our videos, liked our posts, and shared the #CanadaUnited hashtag
The amount contributed to the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund as a result of all of your views, likes and shares. This money is being used to help many small businesses buy PPE. Thank you Canada -- you helped make this program even more valuable for small businesses!
And many partners joined the cause! 
Number of prominent Canadians and paid social media influencers who helped raise awareness for the movement
Number of top brands and big businesses who joined the cause and promoted Canada United to their millions of customers
Number of official proclamations made from cities and local townships around the country, announcing August 28-30 as Canada United Weekend. It was such a wonderful surprise to have our local governments see the value of this campaign and promote it. It reinforced that we were indeed doing something important for our communities.


During Canada United Weekend we gave away 25 $10,000 cash prizes. It was our chance to give back to some of you who showed your support for local business. We asked a few of our prize winners to send us a few selfies of themselves and the businesses they supported during Canada United Weekend. We hope you enjoy these pics as much as we do.

Meet Josh Hildebrandt, Canada United Weekend winner and customer of United Strangers in North Vancouver, BC.

Read Josh's story
Over the past year Josh Hildebrandt has been watching a shuttered building in his North Vancouver Blueridge neighbourhood transform into a charming coffee shop.

The new owners managed to open despite the pandemic, and today United Strangers is serving coffee, locally baked goods, carefully curated grocery and retail inspired by the North Shore.

“The young couple who took this on put so much time and effort into turning this little corner into something special for our neighbourhood,” said Hildebrandt. “When it came time to open neighbours were lined up for blocks to show their support and appreciation. And when I saw on their social media that they were part of the Canada United campaign I made a purchase and entered the contest right away.”

A few weeks later Hildebrandt learned he was one of 25 names randomly drawn to win $10,000 from RBC. 

“Having a small corner shop within a block of my home, owned by people who care, feels great and has improved my life,” said Hildebrandt.
Meet Leah Bock, Canada United Weekend winner and shopper at Kite and Kaboodle in Winnipeg, MB.

Read Leah's story
For Leah Bock, visiting The Forks in Winnipeg is a way to spend quality time with her family.

“We love to go to this local spot for walks, food and meeting friends,” said Bock.

Thanks to the Canada United contest, a recent visit to the redeveloped historic district has created the best memories yet.

“We love to browse in the Kite and Kaboodle toy store, which is in the Johnston Terminal,” said Bock. “On a recent trip we decided to make a purchase for our daughter. We’d heard about the Canada United contest to encourage local shopping during these tough times, and we thought it was a great idea because we want to help our local businesses weather the storm.”

Bock is one of 25 randomly drawn contest winners. Each winner receives a $10,000 cash prize from RBC.
Meet Steve Wenger, Canada United Weekend winner and shopper at Alpine Sausage in Calgary, AB.

Read Steve's story
When Steve Wenger heard about the Canada United campaign to support local businesses, he immediately thought of Alpine Sausage.

Family owned and operated since 1981, the small Calgary business provides locally sourced meat and poultry products with a Danish influence.

“We went to Alpine and stocked up on my wife’s favourite – beef jerky and pepperoni sticks,” said Wenger. “We just wanted to show our support, because I can only imagine how hard it must be for local businesses right now. There are so many little gems in our city and we must keep them going.”

A few weeks later Wenger learned that he was one of 25 names randomly drawn to win $10,000 from RBC.

“Times are really tough so this will really help with our pile of bills,” said Wenger. “Of course we’re also going back to Alpine to stock up on our favourites, and probably a few celebratory steaks too.”
Meet Marrion Clements, Canada United Weekend winner and shopper at Olive That! Tasting Bar in Whitby, ON.

Read Marrion's story
Searching for the ultimate balsamic vinegar has earned Marrion Clements $10,000.

Usually an online shopper, Clements decided it was time she visited her favourite artisan oil and vinegar store – Olive That! – in person. 

“They have so many different flavours in their tasting room, I thought it was time to try some of the new ones,” said Clements. “I’d also heard about the Canada United contest and agree with the idea of supporting local. So I bought a few bottles of balsamic – Cinnamon Pear Dark and Blueberry Dark – and used my receipt to enter the contest.”

This week Clements learned that she was one of 25 randomly drawn Canada United Weekend contest winners.

“The owners of Olive That! were so thrilled when I told them that I was one of the winners of a contest designed to make a difference for small and local businesses like theirs,” added Clements. “It’s really nice to know there are people looking out for our community businesses, especially during difficult times like these.”
Winner Name
Location of Purchase
Small Business Supported
Katrina B
Calgary, AB
Marrion C
Whitby, ON
Leah B
Winnipeg, MB
Cat F
Nanaimo, BC
Stephen W
Calgary, AB
Tracy Y
Calgary, AB
Mary W
Stratford, ON
Kim B
Kingston, ON
Christine W
Edmonton, AB
Sarah R
Moorefield, ON
Jovita A
Calgary, AB
Abdul Hafeez K
Burlington, ON
Andrea H
Hanna, AB
Josh H
North Vancouver, BC
Marie Yvette V
Red Deer, AB
Mathieu G
Lachute, QC
Jon De R
Courtenay, BC
Iris C
Prince Rupert, BC
George P
Spruce Grove, AB
Sidarth S
Surrey, BC
Sarah K
Whitby, ON
Kathy Y
Winnipeg, MB
Jeremy P
Lloydminster, AB
Andrea H
Calgary AB


We love how in just a few months we were able to build a brand and a movement in support of local business. But that was just the start. Here’s how, together, we can continue to keep the movement alive.


Video views, likes on posts and #CanadaUnited on Twitter



RBC's Contribution to the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund
As of August 21, 2020


Video views, likes on posts and #CanadaUnited on Twitter



RBC's Contribution to the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund
As of August 21, 2020
  • Canada, continue to shop and dine local. It’s critically important to our economic recovery.

  • Be social and spread the word. Get others to join the movement by posting and sharing a message of support on social media.
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  • Small businesses can continue to use the Canada United Small Business Kit to help promote their participation in Canada United and ways to market yourself on Facebook and Instagram.

Please check back here, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and look for #CanadaUnited on social media for new campaigns and programs.


We really enjoyed the thousands of photos and posts from Canadians like you who participated in Canada United Weekend and continue to show support for small and local businesses. Thank you so much for your support! We hope you enjoy these pics as much as we do.
Giorgia is ready for Canada United Weekend!
Newmarket chamber
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AND now, a word from our supporters

Watch a few videos from the CEOs and leaders of our Canada United partners. Find out why they've chosen to join the movement to help small and local businesses.


Canada United is a nationwide initiative created by RBC in collaboration with our Canada United partners.