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By clicking to download this image you acknowledge that:

  1. Canada United / Show Local Some Love and Heart Design are trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada (the “Mark”);/li>
  2. Royal Bank of Canada grants you a revocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use its Mark to show your support of this campaign; and
  3. You agree to use the Mark in accordance with the following specifications:

    • The centre of the Mark may be modified or replaced with alternative designs or images. You acknowledge that offensive designs or images are not permitted and will result in revocation of this license;
    • The colour of the Mark may be modified but must be consistently applied (i.e., the wording may be changed in its entirety from red to another colour);
    • The Mark may be increased or decreased in size but the proportions of the Mark as a whole are not to be changed;
    • The text and font of the Mark cannot be modified; and
    • • Where practical, you will endeavour to display a legend at the end of the relevant materials and content on which the Mark appears, which will read as follows:

TM Canada United/Show Local Some Love and Heart Design are trademarks of Royal Bank of Canada. Used under licence.

Royal Bank of Canada will have the right to review and control your use of the Mark. You agree to implement any change requested by Royal Bank of Canada with respect to the use of its Mark in order to comply with the specifications noted above. Any unauthorized use of the Mark as per the specifications noted above will result in termination of this license.

Royal Bank of Canada may revoke this license for any reason whatsoever. If the license is revoked, you agree to immediately discontinue any and all use of the Mark, destroy all printed materials bearing any of the Marks in your possession or under your control, and agree that all rights in the Mark and the goodwill connected therein shall remain the property of Royal Bank of Canada.